Mission: OUR WORLD FESTIVAL is a community-based organization of people who implement broad spectrums of colorful rhythms into events and programs of Health & Wellness, Education, Cultural Diversity, and Leadership Experience. Our programs improve communication, enhance connection, and create community by “motivating people with the rhythms of life.” We incorporate all of the arts, food and fellowship into events that help people break-down barriers, build relationships, and develop solutions. We help illustrate how to live, work, and play well together. Life is full of rhythm, and for thousands of years, many cultures and communities worldwide have shared common successes through what we call Rhythm Engagement For Our Resource Music (REFORM).

-Enhance Communication, Connection & Community-Building Skills -Organize Events for Corporations, Schools, Festivals, Communities -Provide Facilitators, Performers, Vendors to make each event unique -Promote Health & Wellness, Education, Celebration

-Provide Quality Professional Instruments to Participants & Organizations -Rhythm Engagement For Our Resource Music (REFORM)

Vision: OUR WORLD FESTIVAL motivates people with the rhythms of life. Community Rhythm Events Available To Everyone (CREATE) have driven our focus to expand our services to reach organizations that need the education, inspiration, motivation and celebration our services provide. Our program designs offer an inclusion of barrier- breaking, stress-relieving, educating, and team-building activities for all experience and interest levels. Our educational programs promote interactive learning experiences that make any subject fun. We specialize in Consulting, Corporate Training, Cultural Arts Days, Assembly Showcases, and Artist in Residence programs. We will continue to expand our program offerings to corporations, camps, sports teams, community centers, at-risk youth, special needs, senior action, and any other organizations where creativity, connection and cooperation are key to successful development. We’re supporting many local and regional festivals, and we plan to build a facility that will help support our programs, growth and showcase our museum collection of instruments year round. We’re looking forward to having a well-designed event space with meeting rooms and classrooms to offer people of all socioeconomic levels access to quality educational and interactive experiences.

-Develop Programs that Benefit All Socioeconomic Levels
-Design Events that are Artistically Coordinated & Holistic for Clients -Manage Artists through a Talent Roster Resource
-Offer Complete Planning Packages to Events
-Secure Permanent Facility for Museum, Classrooms & Event Space -Community Rhythm Events Available To Everyone (CREATE)

Purpose: OUR WORLD FESTIVAL is a growing organization, networking with teaching and performing artists to build bridges in our communities. Our programs can be implemented into any corporate, educational, festival, or congregational setting. Our growing talent roster is comprised of various artists and planners from diverse backgrounds and experiences, working toward a common goal of sharing positive rhythms. In the workplace, we offer programs that break-down barriers, empower clients, and move toward a focussed synergy. Educational programs promote “cultural unity through diversity,” teachings where rhythm has been used throughout history as a tool that creates better community support. Festivals are celebrations that can focus on a common theme, and they provide celebration for any size success. Community groups of all kinds celebrate with OWF. We provide a foundation to help people of any culture, age or experience live, work and play well together by sharing our joy of rhythm.

-Historical Significance of Community Rhythms
-Offer Quality Education, Entertainment & Event-Planning
-Provide Resources for Corporations, Schools, Congregations & Communities -Secure Funding for Projects, Events, Festivals, Training & Instruments